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Trevor and I have tried to remember the first time we ever met and no matter how hard we try, neither of us can remember. It’s safe to say that it wasn’t love at first sight, at least not the first time. We met sometime during my freshman year at Cedarville University. He had just graduated and was back visiting some friends. Nothing really came of that except I had gotten a new Facebook friend and we would randomly send a text or wish each other a happy birthday.

Fast forward four years later. We were back at Cedarville, Trevor was there to watch his little sister walk at graduation and I was there to watch one of my best friends walk. I had a feeling he would be there so I asked if he wanted to meet up so I could say hey. Sure enough, he was there and we were able to meet up after the graduation ceremony. This time, it WAS love at first (well, the second time around) site. Immediately something clicked.

We stayed in touch over the next several weeks and he invited me to go to the Memorial golf tournament in Columbus with him, his Dad and his brother in law! We had a blast. About a week later we went on our first official date and the rest was history! Within a year of our first date we had fallen in love, gotten engaged and gotten married! Everything happened so quickly but when you know, you know! The love that Trevor and I are able to share is what makes us so excited to be able to capture weddings for our couples! I am so blessed to be able to work alongside of my husband and we would love to help tell your story!


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