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Jan 7, 2014

Where has the time gone! Can’t believe it’s already 2014!

It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from high school, working at a studio, and getting ready to go to college. Now I am running my own business, working as a respiratory therapist, and getting MARRIED!

This is going to be one exciting year! Not only in my business but in my personal life. I am so excited for what the Lord has ahead of me this year. I know there will be many challenges and learning times, but there will be so many blessings. I CAN’T WAIT!

Looking back over the last year, my business grew so much! Back in December I met with Katelyn James, (like I have told you a thousand times!) Through meeting her and spending a day of picking her brain she has taught me so many little things on how to run a business is a better way and be a better business owner. I am so ready to put those things to practice and have an awesome year!

Through that, I have created some {GOALS} for 2014. Now, these are just goals. I know I may not conquer them all but they are there to challenge me.

1. Be a better business {owner}. Meaning: organizing my business better, keep track of all important info for taxes, keeping computer organized, responding to emails daily,  Basically ORGANIZE my business life to keep my on top of things.

2. {Priorities} my days from start to finish. Getting up starting out spending time with Jesus. Then Starting my day of work. And then stopping work at a decent time.

3. Using my {time} wisely. When I am working on my computer, not being distracted by: Facebook, twitter, instagram, other blogs, online shopping, etc. When I am working make sure I am working and not waisting away hours in my day.

4. Having a better {schedule} of when I am editing, shooting, blogging, researching, having meetings, and so on. Making the most of every day.

5. Not getting behind and {staying ahead!} BIG ONE! A huge goal is to get my images back to my clients in a very quick way! Weddings Like to have back within 2 weeks. All other sessions with in a week. I know that will be challenging, but if I stick to a good schedule I KNOW I can get it done.

6. {BLOGGING!} Another one I REALLY want to do better on this year. Katelyn challenged me to be a better blogger. Goal is to blog 2 -3 times per week. If anymore that would be AMAZING. I have some exciting ideas and I can’t wait to use them! Please if you want to help me out, comment below what BLOG post you would lOVE to hear about from me!

7. Would LOVE to have a {coaching/workshop/mentoring} this year for people!  I have been wanting to do this, but honestly I am AFRAID. I may be running my own business, but I get nervous because I may not know as much as I should or need to know do a workshop. But this year I want to try! I really do. So I am working on what that would look like. I have had so many people asking for one. So minus well give it a shot!

8. Last one. {Stop Stressing} and Enjoy every moment. I can get so wrapped up in my business and all the busyness that comes with it and forget about what is most important. The Lord has blessed me with this opportunity and talent why I freaking out. I need to take a breath, enjoy every moment I get to be apart of. It is such a huge blessing. When I get behind or having a bad day, I need to relax, Know I will get it done, and Keep going with a good and loving attitude. Not allow the stress to come between my My clients, My family, and my Friends.

Woah! So there is it. My top 8 goals for 2014 for my business. I am very excited for this year. Thank you for being apart of this journey with me!

Enjoy this fun college below. Its is a couple of each of the weddings I shot this year. Loved my 24 couples!

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