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Jan 24, 2014

Gold and Sparkly?!

Wedding planning has actually slowed a little over the past week. I had a busy week of working at the hospital 2 days and having 5 sessions over the weekend. Which means extra time is to editing and running a business. So, Wedding planning kind of got kicked to the curb. But Thanks to my amazing dad, he nailed down the Tent we will be renting and all those fun details that go with that! Big decision made! I am so thankful for all my families help and excitement through these times.

I do have a another glimpse of the wedding to share! Since I can’t talk about my dress at all, which by the way I picked up last week!!!!! It is super perfect and can’t wait to wear it!

However, I am dying to share with you my wedding shoes I will be wearing!! Trevor was with me when I got them and he just laughed, but I know secretly he LOVED them. What guy wouldn’t love GOLD sparkly shoes?! Haha! When I saw these at the store, my face just lit up! I was like these are PERFECT!  They would make any girls smile. They were a dream of mine to get, and lucky enough I found them at an outlet for an awesome deal! They are just perfect and so dreamy. I am not much a heel girl, but the little heel on this is just enough AND it has an amazing bow! Oh I am so excited to wear these on our wedding day!  They will be perfect with everything. Sparkly Gold is another color or decor that will be at the wedding. Giving it that rustic GLAM look. So needless to say, I am stoked about my shoes! I know its something so little and minor, but I am loving them!

I think every girl needs a little sparkle on her feet on their wedding day!

So. Here they are my perfect Sparkly Gold Kate Spade wedding shoes. =)

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