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Feb 24, 2014

Our Honeymoon is Booked!

Since, I missed a blog post last week about wedding planning.. I just lost track of my week and it never happened! We booked our honeymoon last week and I had planned to blog about. So why not start the week off with a {Bowman to be} update! (Don’t worry! There will be another wedding blog up at the end of the week!) Missing a week isn’t that bad after all, 2 in 1!

Okay, back to the other exciting things!

Trevor & I will be spending our honeymoon on Peter Island at their Resport & Spa! It is located in the British Virgin Islands. And it is BREATHTAKING! The island is 1800 acreas with one gorgeous resort on it!! Nothing like a super secluded resort of total relaxation! Trevor searched high and low for the perfect honeymoon that wasn’t like many others! ((within a good price range)) He came across this resort and I started researching it and was falling in Love. They have a video on their website here is the link It totally sold me.

It is going to be such an incredible first week to spend as husband and wife on this beautiful island! We can’t wait for it! Hope you enjoy some of the pictures I used from google search. I can’t wait to take some of my own and share with you its beauty!


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