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Mar 31, 2014

Zach 2014 Senior!

Looking back over my senior year, I had soooo many dreams and plans for my life! ((Going to Moody Bible college, playing volleyball, working with athletes.. all these things I wanted SO bad)) But now, I am so very thankful the Lord changed my plans and I am where I am now! Running a growing photography business!

Because the Lord had a better plan for my life, I get to meet a handful of senior each year! Photograph them, hear about their story, what they want to do, any dreams they have and encourage them in there way!  To get excited for them as they start off in a new direction. I love it! Each session is a blast getting to know these seniors.

Meet Zach! We did his engagement pictures about 2 weeks ago! He is graduating in just a few months. We had a blast shooting his session! He is still deciding on college and what he will be doing exactly! But he has dreams,  plans and hopes for the coming years!

Think back to when you were a senior and all your plans. Think about NOW, you still all have dreams, ideas, goals, and plans for the coming years! Don’t forget them, write them down, start making them your own! 

There is my challenge for the day.  =)


–Zach Thanks for rocking it at your session!–

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