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Apr 3, 2014

*12 Days New*

Oh Sweet, sweet Harper! You were darling! 

Harper was another great baby! Once we got her good and tired we could nearly pose her in anything! I am so glad mom and I worked that extra bit to get her good and sleepy. It definitely paid off in the end. I love all the images we got. Harper was a trooper for us! Something I also love about newborns, is meeting Mom and Dad! Brooke, Harper’s Mom, owns an amazing dance studio in Gahanna, JDSD Studio. It was so fun to hear about their business and how it has come about. I was so honored to take their little girls pictures! She was so beautiful with her long eye lashes and pretty skin.

Thanks Harper for being amazing and Thank you Brooke for letting me photograph your little girl!!

p.s. I am loving all my newborns this year! It has been fun to learn new things and try different poses. This newly purchased Flokita rug ((the cream shag rug)) has become one of my favorite things each time! I want to order them in so many colors.


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