Honeymoon {Peter Island} -Part 1

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May 26, 2014

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

This was literally the most amazing week of our lives!!

Well Guess what?! Trevor & I have officially been married 1 month!! It has been the best month that is for sure. Being married to the man of your dreams and seeing him every day is pretty much perfect. Anywhoo! We have slowly settled into our place together. Still have things to hang and paint some walls, but other then that it looks great! Once we are completely done I will share our little home with you all!

I realized with the past month and all the busyness that came with it, I NEVER blogged our honeymoon!!! Life got busy again and it just slipped away. Well I took the time to pick just a few of my favorite pictures. We took thousands… This is just PART 1. I will have a 2nd part with all our pictures from our Go Pro and underwater!

We spent 8 days on Peter Island and it was simply beautiful and completely relaxing. We didn’t know much about the place we were going, but once we arrived we were totally blown away. The people were amazing, the resort is beautiful, the water was crystal clear and the food was delicious! We snorkeled all week as well. We took a deep sea fishing trip (which sadly we both got sea sick) and then a snorkeling trip all day and visited Virgin Gorda where the Baths are. That was an amazing trip! The whole week we had perfect 80 degree weather and all sun! It wasn’t ever to hot or humid, it seriously was perfect. I hope you enjoy all the pictures. It seriously was BEAUTIFUL. If you are ever thinking of taking a trip and want to not be bothered this is the place to be! There is only 1 resort on this island and about 50 some rooms. Its so private.

Enjoy!! We loved every second of this trip!


The ferry we took from Tortola to Peter Island.

Approaching Peter Island!

Our room was perfect! They made the bed every day and rolled down our sheets at night.

This is the view from our porch. AMAZING

Our little home for the week!

My handsome husband

We watched the sunset from a hill top and they brought us cheese and crackers.

The day we went deep sea fishing and got sick. haha!

This was Chrissy & Aaron, they were also honeymooning! We met them on our way in. Super sweet couple!!

We bought a Go Pro in the airport and it was the BEST decisions! Those pictures coming soon!

Our snorkeling trip was awesome!!!

The Baths in Virgin Gorda. AMAZING

This was the Spa on the island and it was beautiful

the most amazing hot tub that over looked the ocean.

We ended the week watching another sunset. Breathtaking!

  1. Marissa

    June 4th, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Peter Island looks like it was a wonderful place to go! Glad you two had a good time!

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