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Jun 10, 2014


If you missed the Part 1 of our honeymoon check it out here!

It was about 7:30 in the morning as we were walking through the Chicago airport as we were headed for our honeymoon and we passed a little shop that had GoPro’s. It caught Trevor’s eye immediately. We walked in an in minutes he talked me into getting a GoPro for the honeymoon. It was the BEST decision and 1st decision we made as a married couple! haha We were so happy we had this. It was a blast to use in and under the water. We got pictures we never would have had if we didn’t spontaneously buy this GoPro. If you are going to be going snorkeling or any water related place buying a Gopro is a great decision to make.

Trevor took almost all of these pictures, he had the time of his life using this! He found a sting ray, nurd shark, barracuda and caught some awesome video and pictures. Thats right, the go pro makes amazing videos. I am working on put all of our  videos together into 1, however, I am not that great in creating them, so we will see if it ever gets done. But Trevor got amazing video shots as well.

OH okay, enough of this writing stuff, Go enjoy the pictures! 🙂


There is a shark in this picture!

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