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Jul 1, 2014

Rustic Glam Wedding at Hickory Grove Golf Club

Finally Mr. & Mrs. Trevor Bowman!!!

We received our wedding pictures back last week! I am so so so excited to share with you all our beautiful wedding day. It was literally perfect. Everything that I dreamed of came true for this day. I love all these pictures, I tried to pick my favorites, but I filled the blog with a couple hundred pictures. I hope you all enjoyed reading along our journey of Bowman to Be blogs!

A few highlights of our day: The gift Trevor gave me on our wedding day. His great grandma’s diamond necklace to wear and a journey he has been writing in this since we have been engaged. He wrote every day of why he loves me. It was the sweetest!!!! Our 1st look was amazing!! I recommend this for EVERYONE getting married! We loved this special time we had together to just share with each other our excited for the day. We had a beautiful day, thank you Jesus! He did sprinkle a few drops right before walking down the isle to remind me He is always in control, But by the time I was almost down the isle the sun beamed out. It was actually pretty awesome. The amazing doors I walked through, my husband made the day before! We had the flower girls drop dimes. This was a surprise to me, I had know Idea, but our family has a really cool Dime story. My uncle Tom shared the story at the beginning before I walked down. I was in so many tears because of it. In a short version, Dimes are a reminder to our family that God is in Control, He is sovereign over all things. When we find dimes we are reminded of His greatness and control. It is something that my grandpa started a while back and it has always stuck with us. Now we all find dimes periodically in the most random places and It simply reminds us of Our Savior. Walking down the isle with those at my feet was incredible. Another highlight, was spending the day with out crazy large bridal party! Most of them were our siblings and a few of our best friends, but we LOVED having them apart of the day. We had a fantastic reception with LOTS of mountain dew for Trevor and Lots of hotdogs for me! We ended the day with a beautiful sunset and awesome smores.

Thank you to all our wonderful family and guest that came out! It was the best day EVER!

Thank you so much to Ashley Walters for capturing our day ! Along with Nathan Wicker for taking video! If you missed our wedding video, check it out here!



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