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Jul 11, 2014

Oh My husband is doing some AMAZING things!

The extended blog for Joel & Alix’s engagement session will be up next week with lots of pictures.

BUT my husband, Trevor, came along with us on the session and took some video. As I have posted before, he is starting to get into videography. His new found love. He put this short recap of our evening together with Joel & Alix during their engagement session up in here Harpster. We had a blast with this couple traveling around this little town finding the perfect places for pictures.

Click here to watch Joel & Alix’s Sneak Peak Video! 

This is the 4th video he has made. Talk about amazing! Maybe I am biased, but his videos are awesome!

I am LOVING all their pictures from their session as well. I can’t wait to blog more next week! Here is a couple for now.

Happy Friday Y’all!


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