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Jul 23, 2014


I don’t have many pictures of me behind the camera, but I found these going through this weeks wedding. And I loved them. Mainly because I LOVE my new bag!

My sweet husband and in-laws got me this amazing Ona camera bag for my birthday this past weekend. I wore it the WHOLE day as you can tell. No wonder my back gets sore. Anywhoo, I didn’t wait to take it off either. I LOVED it. It was so perfect for shooting. I still have my Kelly Moore bags, don’t worry, I loves those too, they that come with me as well. But I am happy to have replaced my main bag with this gorgeous shoulder piece 😉

Thanks Morgs for snapping some pictures! I will do better at snapping some of you as well 😉

Happy Wednesday!!!


p.s. I didn’t use flash for this 😉 no worries, i just had left it on from the inside.

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