Summer Mini’s


Jul 28, 2014

Back to School & Summer Night’s

I am so excited for these!!!

The back to school mini’s will be at my parents home in their backyard where I will have a whole little back to school set up! It will have  a vintage back the school feel. These will just be for kids. This is my 1st time doing them, but I hardly can wait. Any suggestions send them my way!! They will be late afternoon and evening.

Summer Night mini sessions will be in the evening! I love that summer sun! The location is still to be determined, waiting to closer to the time to see what it looks like everywhere 🙂 I want them to be fun and very summery.

I am so glad to finally get dates for you all! Please note their is a rain date, you must be able to commit to both! This will help with scheduling and making it soooo much easier for everyone!


Email me in you are wanting one!!


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