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Aug 1, 2014

All my mentoring sessions have been going so well! I love opening up my homes to so many wonderful ladies and spending time with them working on different areas in their business.

One thing I absolutely love to see is growth. Just last week I did a mentoring session with Jodi and I have watched her photos and she has grown so much in just a little time. Those little details on color, focus, lighting, depth of field, all of those make huge difference. She has sent me such sweet emails of how she is feeling confident again and I Love that. This is why I love mentoring sessions and they are so great. I can work with people to help guide them and we both encourage each other. It is so great!

If you are thinking of doing one its never to early to sign up! I open up 2 days a month for these. I am booked until December with them. So grab your chance and send me an email! 

Thanks so much Jodi for coming up here and spending the day. I love meeting you and mentoring you!!! Keep up the great work!

Have a great friday and happy weekend! Off to Family Vacation Saturday for a week!! Whoooohooo!!!!!! be sure to watch instagram for daily updates 🙂


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