Sam + Diana


Aug 13, 2014


Saturday was just beautiful!

The weather was perfect and this couples love was vibrant! I met Sam & Diana in person back in July for their engagement session. They were so much fun to be around and you could see how much love they had for each other. Being apart of capturing their day saturday was so great! All day Diana beamed from ear to ear. She was not nervous she just couldn’t wait to marry Sam. You can see their love and happiness throughout the pictures. They got married at their church in Reynoldsburg and the reception was out in Newark at Dawes Arboretum. There was a field of sunflowers there and we took FULL advantage of them. They were SO beautiful! Thank you Diana & Sam for letting us be apart of your day and capturing such exciting memories!!

Thank you to morgan who 2nd shot with me! Oh and Trevor VIDEOD this wedding!!! That video will be posted soon! 🙂 If you missed yesterday’s post on the exciting news from Trevor – check it out here!

As for now, sit back and enjoy a beautiful, fun, colorful wedding!


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