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Sep 10, 2014


I am LOVING these albums!!!

I have started printing my wedding albums through KISS books. They are seriously beautiful. You can order them in linen, leather, or tuscan leather. These are the albums I over in my wedding packages. Who doesn’t want to look through their wedding pictures in a beautiful album. It was so great working with KISS. You custom make them online and then they have them shipped to you. They were super friendly, constantly emailing me and letting me know where my book was. I am so excited for my brides to be able to have this keep sake. I have many people who have wanted to see them, so here it is! 🙂 The paper is great and they are beautiful bound. You will NOT be disappointed. I can’t wait to put my own wedding pictures in a beautiful album like this!

Hope you all enjoy! please let me know if you have any questions!!!

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