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Oct 8, 2014

A Hidden Hollow Camp Wedding

Kari & Mike’s wedding day finally arrived! 

Kari and I hit it off right away! Imagine why, we both have the same name spelled the same way and are photographers! ((That rarely happens with the name Kari.)) I was so excited to be apart of their wedding day! After many hours of planning and prepping it was here! Despite the freezing cold temperatures Kari never missed a beat. They ended up moving their wedding indoors for the chance of rain that was happening on and off all day and Kari never once stopped smiling. She didn’t care what happened as long as they were getting married. She had such a wonderful attitude. Kari being a photographer as well knew she would endure the windy and sleet for some gorgeous pictures. We were so thankful for the times of no rain so we could get in all the portraits. They got married out at Hollow Camp It is beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing. We took full advantage of a little drive with covered trees. There day turned out perfect. It was so fun to be apart of. Their colors were great for all the fall colors! I hope you all enjoy their beautiful wedding day.

Thank you Kari & Mike for having Trevor and I be apart of your wedding day!!! 


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