Wednesday Already!?


Jan 21, 2015


Yesterday, I returned home after a 5 day weekend away visiting some of my closet friends! From Indianapolis to Pontiac, Illinois to downtown Chicago, it sure was a fun weekend! Here is your weekend wrap up on Wednesday 😉

Thursday, I met up with Brianna in Indianapolis. It was actually the 1st time meeting each other in person! So we were both so excited. She is also a photographer with a huge heart! I loved spending the afternoon with her getting to know her and exploring Indianapolis.

I then traveled that evening the rest of the way to Pontiac, Illinois where Erica my best friend from college met me half away (she lives in Iowa) Her parents home is exactly halfway for us, so it was so great catching up for a few days! Erica is pregnant with her 1st little one. She is due in March and having a little boy, Tripp Mason. Oh I can hardly wait to meet him!! Of course we had to take some belly pictures. It was fun shooting in a new town and finding fun little spots. I CANT wait to blog and share her pictures with you!!! She is just a glowing mama to be! Our time together went so fast, but was so fun. Even though we are 10+ hours apart our friendship never skips a beat. I am truly thankful for her.

Sunday after church, I headed up to Chicago to stay with my Cousin Courtney and her hubby for a few days. They live right in the heart of Chicago. Courtney and I explored sooo many parts of the city in 2 days! We walked around 11 miles in two days and it was seriously a BLAST! We ate at so many wonderful restaurants and just spent time talking. I am so glad it worked out for me to stay with them a few days. I also took some almost 2 year anniversary pictures 😉 I LOVED shooting in Chicago! We spent sunday evening taking some adorable portraits of these two. I can’t wait to share them as well! Thank you again Courtney & Dan for having me stay with you guys! It was so much fun.

Tuesday! I finally returned home, and my sweet husband had surprised me with a beautiful Australian Labradoodle puppy girl, only 8 weeks old!! SHE IS DARLING!  Her name is Remington aka “Remi.” She will get around 40lbs, so sadly she won’t be a puppy forever, but trust me she will be one cute little dog! We had been talking for sometime about getting a puppy. Most people that know me, know I am NOT a big dog person, it took some conveying but once we started looking into labradoodles, I soon fell in love with their teddy bear faces. Now, I love our sweet Remi 🙂 Don’t full blog post will be dedicated to her as soon as I can get some pictures.

AND of course Trevor filmed it. Watch it here!

Well, I hope you all are having a fabulous week! I am getting use to life with a puppy in my lap 🙂




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