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Jun 12, 2015

West Elm Living Room

“This little space we called Home”

It’s Friday!!! We are gearing up for a double header, well actually triple header weekend!!! Trevor and I are photographing a wedding today and tomorrow, I am photographing a wedding and he is videoing a different wedding. Busy weekend ahead and we are so excited to celebrate with 3 different couples on their most exciting day!!

Well, as I wrote last week, I love Friday post! Share little parts of our home are so fun. Today, I am sharing with you all our living room. Now we live in an 800 square foot apartment. It is perfect for us! We have definitely, used up just about every inch, but I love this place. It was so fun to decorate and put together. It is a free standing home, someone lives above us in another 2 bedroom apartment. 

Most all of our decor are from Target, west elm or the Potterybarn outlet. Thank the Lord for that outlet!! The best thing about the outlet is that it also has west elm in the back of the store, since they are owned by the same company, so WINNING! We really furnished most of our home from there or Trevor built it. When we moved in here, the colors of the walls were already a grey tone and we really didn’t want to have to paint, (the only room we have painted is our bedroom because it was yellow) Trevor loves greys and I like pops of colors and we both love anything rustic or modern looking. Thankfully we have very similar taste and Trevor is really good at decorating. We went with the mustard and grey tones in our living room since that was what we were seeing just about everywhere and we loved it. My favorite part of our living room is our gold deer head that hangs on the wall above the TV. Thank you Trev for letting me have this in here! haha! My mom found this at home goods and it was love at 1st sight! It was that perfect rustic coming together with the glamour. 

Our living room is small and cozy I really love it. We spend a lot of time in here and it is perfect for us! Oh and Remi loves it as well, the pouf is her favorite. 

Here is a list of where we purchased things:
Couch: West Elm couch purchased at PotteryBarn Outlet
Leather Chair: West Elm chair purchased at PotteryBarn Outlet
Pillows: West Elm
Pouf: West Elm
Coffee Table: West Elm table purchased at the PotteryBarn Outlet
Tv Stand: Hand built by Trevor
Tall Lamp: PotteryBarn Outlet
Table Lamp: World Market
Ladder: Hand built by Trevor
Rug: Target
Gold deer head: Home Goods
Clock: West Elm
Blankets: Target & West elm
Letter B: was a wedding gift
Frame blue prints: Trevor’s families – original prints of the golf course.
Wood Box with Straw: Target

Thanks for reading!!

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