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Jun 26, 2015


My 1st ever “real” camping experience! 

Friday’s are typically my home & garden post, so I thought it was only fitting to share our “home away from home” last week! Morgan & Michael came up for a couple of days to spend time with us. We came up with this great idea of lets go camping!! I had NEVER slept in a tent until last week. Crazy I know! We only went camping for 1 night, but it was still a blast! During the day we went kayaking, laid in hammocks, four wheeled and just relaxed. It was so nice to get away even though it was only about 15 minutes from our real home. We set up camp kind of under trees incase of rain or bright sun, well rain we woke up to rain but thankfully our tents held up and we didn’t get wet! Trevor and I stayed in the red tent, along with our pup, Remi. We all slept like a rock. At 1st I wasn’t sure our queen size area mattress would fit, but thankfully it did and poor remi was smooshed in the corner, haha! But it worked great! We cooked our dinner over the fire and it was delicious, we stayed up late around the fire and made smores and talked. Trevor also decided at midnight to go frog giging, yes thats a real thing apparently! He actually got a frog with a stick in his kayak. It was pretty impressive to say the least. 

Overall, the day away from home was a huge success! The bugs were definitely out, but we sprayed ourselves down pretty good and only walked away with a handful of mosquitoes compared to what it could have been! We are already looking forward to out next camping experience! 

Here are a few things for you 1st time campers to remember:
-bring toilet paper
-don’t think of every sound you hear is a mass murder
-bring lots of bug repellent and spray your clothes – every part of your clothes, they WILL get you where they can! 
-when there is a chance of rain, don’t leave everything outside of your tent thinking you will get up before it rains….. aka, cover your fire wood, wrap up your chairs, put anything that should get wet in your car or tent, flip over your kayaks, take down your eno hammocks. oops! 🙂
-keep your tent covered at night, we almost took off the rain cover to get more fresh air, we would have woke up SOAKED if we actually did. 
-don’t think of how many bugs you could eat at night…
-enjoy all the little moments, because its camping and its always an experience! 

Enjoy some of our photos from out time! Have a great weekend!


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