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Jul 1, 2015


I have mentored nearly 20 women over the last year and it has seriously been amazing! I love getting to know these ladies and helping them build their business in a direction they want to go. This past week, Sara came over for our mentoring session. I am also photographing her wedding this September!! Isn’t she going to be such a beautiful bride! I can’t wait! 

Sara and I had a great time, we are so thankful the rain let up just in time for her headshots. Sara is from the Lima area and just moved back home their a month ago, she had been living out in St. Louis. She does a great job and it was so great diving into her business and figuring out where it needed growth. I am so excited for Sara as she starts growing her business back here now. 

Thank you so much Sara for coming over and spending the day! Enjoy some of my favorite head shots!

If you are interested in a mentoring session , please email me today! This years mentoring is almost all filled up! If you are to far away, I also have Skype mentoring sessions!! 🙂 Have a great day!!



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