4th of July Weekend


Jul 6, 2015


This weekend was a blast with family! We were thankful for the weekend off to relax and enjoy each other and out family! We spent Saturday in Columbus. The guys golfed early in the morning while the girls drank Starbucks and got all the food ready for the cookout. It was such a beautiful day! We made delicious fruit pizza’s that are to die for! Us girls I think ate them all! We ate until we couldn’t breathe and laughed the day away. Michael & Morgan brought over can jam, if you haven’t heard this or played it is a blast! They sell it at Dicks sporting goods. You do need to learn how to throw a fisbee, I am still working on that! haha But it is so much fun.  We ended the night with sparklers and it was a perfect day! I am so thankful for family and what they mean to us. We love you guys! Enjoy some of our pictures for the day!!



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