Mike + Katie | Engaged


Jul 14, 2015

From the moment Katie & I first started emailing to talking on the phone, I new we would be a great fit for her and Mike’s wedding day. They are the SWEETEST couple!! I feel like Katie & I have known each other for years and it literally has been a little over a month. When clients become friends, it truly is the best thing. Not only do we get to photograph their wedding, we also get to video their wedding!! We can’t wait for 2016 already!!!

These two have been so patient as we have reschedule their engagement shoot 3 or 4 times!!! The rain has been a HUGE bummer for us, and they are moving to NC this week! So we were coming up close and they really wanted to have them done before they moved. This last week, of course the day of their engagement shoot it was raining. Katie & I chatted about it and we decided lets just do it! We had perfect spots that if it rained we would be okay and if it didn’t it would be even better! So we took on the rain and I’d say we totally beat it! “Ohio Rain, you have nothing on us!” thats, what I want to say, because it has rained I feel like everyday, and sometimes you have to make the best of it! We did and it was SO worth it! When you have an awesome couple like Mike & Katie it doesn’t matter, they were awesome! 

We started the session meeting at Katie’s aunts victorian home. Oh it was beautiful!!! We shot around their home and living room until the rain was letting up. We then traveled down to the state house, where thankful the rain had mostly stopped and we were able to get some incredible photos. When the rain came we went up to the columns. We ended the shoot at Stauf’s coffee in german village. Who doesn’t love some coffee at an end of a shoot?! It was the perfect ending to the evening. You would never know it was humid and rainy! These two just hit it out of the park. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from our time together! 

Katie & Mike, We can’t wait to be a part of your day!!!!! 

Here is a teaser Trevor put together from 740 films. Go check out his Facebook and follow his Instagram to see more!!! 





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