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Jul 28, 2015

Through the whole new rebrand process this year, something I told my designer was I wanted to brand my business for my Weddings. My passion is wedding photographing and I absolutely love getting to know my couples and investing into them. This year, I have focused on making my wedding experience something to remember for my couples. I want them to know how much I cherish their day and value them as people. This past year, Katelyn James came out with the template for her bridal guide and I was so pumped to buy it and make it my own. I am beyond excited how it all turned out! These are the welcome gifts my couples received once we are booked. It has been so fun watching my brides share their photos. Their wedding day is such an exciting day and I want to be a part of helping them prepare for their day. Through this bridal guide it will help them prepare for engagement session, their timeline and even all the little details of their day! Making a great experience for my couples is one of my main goals. I want them to trust and know we will do the best we can to make the day go smoothly and capture it just how they imagined it. 

If you are a photographer and you looking to create a better experience and want a guide for yourself to create for your business, check out Katelyn James. She has so man amazing resources and investing in them has already bettered my business! 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me! 

resources of welcome package:
1. Printed magazines from Magcloud
2. Ribbon was given to me in bulk for my brother in law (it was going to be thrown away and I was like NO I NEED this!)
3. Welcome card is homemade with a KM stamp
4. Confetti poppers are also homemade: the popper is from amazon and filling is homemade and supplies were from hobby lobby
5. Business cards:



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