Bryan + Laura | Reception


Aug 5, 2015

Everal Barn Wedding Reception | KariMe Photography

This past Saturday, this sweet couple and family celebrated their marriage with all their friends and family! Bryan & Laura were married in June on the beach is South Carolina. They had contacted me a while back about being a part of their celebration back home with their friends and family. I spent the evening with these two and their family. They were all such a blast! We had a wonderful time. I snuck them away for just a couple pictures of the two of them and their girls. They also had their little bridal party all dressed up again which was Laura’s girls and all their nieces. So many beautiful princesses! It was such a beautiful evening. I loved being a part of capturing this fun and casual time for them. Laura put so many fun details together for this, it looked great! The reception was at the Everal Barn in Westerville, such a beautiful venue! Enjoy some of my favorites from their evening of fun and celebration!


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