Ryan + Lauren | Anniversary


Aug 20, 2015

An Evening Country Side 1st Anniversary Session | KariMe Photography

From the moment we left this shoot I couldn’t wait to share it! I just adore these two! Laure and Ryan are past KariMe Bride & Groom’s! They celebrated their one year anniversary this past Sunday!! Happy 1 year!!!!! I cant believe how quickly the last year has flown by. If you missed their beautiful Cleveland wedding check it out here!

They were traveling to Columbus this last weekend to celebrate their 1 year and they stopped here in Harpster for the anniversary session. They came early and we chatted all about the year and what is to come. I am so happy for them! You can just see their love and it is the sweetest. They even traveled with a 36in balloon in the back of the car and THANKFULLY we were able to get it out for pictures! Ryan way to be a trooper! haha! Well I LOVE photographing married couples. I have done a lot this year and it has been such a blessing hearing about all these different marriages. 

Thank you Lauren & Ryan for coming down here. We had such a perfect evening!!!! Here is a glimpse of our time together and just a few of my favorites 😉 They will be getting SO many in their gallery!!! I have truly loved photographing them so many times! I think this was the 6 time I have taken their pictures! CRAZY! They have done a couple mini sessions, their engagement, wedding and now anniversary! I seriously love what I get to do. Lauren & Ryan have become great friends! We are so thankful for you two!!!

Here’s to another wonderful country side engagement session 🙂


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