The Bowman Garden


Sep 4, 2015

After being gone for over a week, I came home to lots and lots of tomatoes, another bundle of green beans, and lots of green peppers growing. Sadly, most everything else has pretty much rotten out or died. Either way, for my 1st garden ever I think it was a successful year. Next year, we will be better prepared and definitely take care of it bette, along with making it bigger so not everything grows on top of each other! Oops! Lots of lessons learned this year in gardening but I am excited for what came from it and I cant wait to try again next year. I will be making some delicious homemade salsa this week and hopefully get some yummy peppers soon! 

I still have a couple rooms in our house that i haven’t blogged yet for our Home session, So be on the look out for those this month. I will be featuring my home office along with Trevor’s office! These are both are favorites rooms here. 

We hope everyone has an amazing Holiday weekend!!!! We have 2 weddings this weekend and beyond to celebrate with both couples. Next week will be another great week. We will be announcing registration for our Fall Workshop along with all the details! We are so excited! You won’t want to miss Monday’s blog.

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