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Sep 14, 2015


This weekend felt like fall and I was LOVING it! I can’t wait for that boot and sweater weather. Oh yes! 🙂 Last week was a great week! In one week we had 4 weddings, 2 back to back double header weekends! Whoa! We survived 😉 It was so wonderful being a part of some beautiful weddings. I am excited to share another one with you all this week! We also had an awesome engagement shoot yesterday, Trevor’s cousin Laura and her fiancé came up here and we did a early morning shoot and then headed to columbus in the evening for a sunset shoot. it was a blast of a day! I can’t wait to share those with you all as well. Exciting things coming to the blog 🙂 You won’t want to miss it this week!! 

Amongst the craziness, I did take some time for myself last week and attending a floral workshop with April Rhodes. It was AMAZING and an absolute blast! I love florals and have always wanted to learn to create beautiful things. I saw this workshop and didn’t even think about it and signed up. My sister in law came with me and we had a blast. We went throughout her garden cutting florals and then creating things inside.  Now I love going out and foraging bushes and weeds and creating beautiful bouquets. We also learned to make flower crowns my favorite!!! 

Last week we also launched registration for our 1st workshop this fall!!!! We have filled up so quickly and I am BEYOND excited. There are only 2 seats left, so be sure to check out our webpage for more information and contact me if you have any questions! www.karimephotography.com/workshop I am so excited for the creative who have signed up! I cant wait until November 5th!!

Here are some iPhone pictures along with a shot of my bouquet from my big girl camera. Happy Monday! Take time for yourself this week, My hubby has been reminding me of that all weekend! 🙂


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