Weekend Wrap Up


Sep 28, 2015


How is almost OCTOBER?! I cant even believe how fast these months are flying by! I love this time of year, where the leaves start changing, the air feels cooler, I try to eat as many apples as possible and buy as many pumpkin things as I can. My one goal is to by overalls this fall, so I am on the hunt for the best pair I can find. 🙂 Any suggestion send them my way!

Last week got away from me, well the last 2 weeks have gotten away from me it seems, possibly this whole month because I still cant believe September is almost over. With a 8 this month and 20 portrait sessions I have totally lost track of time and my blogging days have definitely been better. So sorry last Thursday and Friday had no blog posts. I had great intentions to get them up but I ended up editing and had shoots both evenings. I promise the teaching blogs will still be coming!! 

This weekend we had celebrated with Ali & Andrew! It was such a great day and a beautiful wedding. It was my 1st greek ceremony! Ali is also a photographer so she gave me lots of time for portraits and we used every minute!!! We started in the city where the ceremony was and ended in the country where the reception was. It was such a fun day! I can’t wait to share their blog on Wednesday! 

Last night I finished the weekend with a sweet engagement session for one of my December weddings this year! Elizabeth & Marc came up from Cbus for a country shoot. It was the perfect evening, cool air, over cast with touches of the sun coming out. It was beautiful. I cant wait to share their blog with you all this week as well! 

ALSO!! Thursday CHRISTMAS MINI’S dates will be released! I will be doing a day in Harpster at the red barn and a day in Columbus! So mark your calendars for those announcements 🙂 One more thing! We have 1 seat left for our workshop!!!! So if you are thinking about it sign up today and join the other 11 attendees!!! I am SO excited I can hardly wait!!! more info here

That’s all we have for this Monday! I am playing catch up on emails and editing the day away! Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


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