Photographers Renew Night


Oct 29, 2015

Looking to start the year off right? You won’t want to miss this!

Through Tuesday’s Together I have gotten to know so many amazing creatives.  Over the summer I received an email from a sweet a husband and wife teaming introducing themselves and wanting to know all about Tuesday’s Together and this community over Competition. That sweet couple is Andrew & Chrissy! I have gotten to know them this fall through our meet ups. They are a husband and wife photography team who just relocated to Pickerington, Ohio from Pittsburg. They have been in a transition period and getting to know other creative. I am SO thankful for Tuesday’s Together because these two were able to instantly have a community when they arrived to the Columbus area. It was been so fun getting to know them!

After one of our monthly meet ups, Chrissy pulled me aside and told me an amazing idea of getting creatives together and starting off the year fresh and encouraged! I absolutely loved it! Chrissy and Andrew have worked so so hard on putting this event and night of renewal together. It is going to be a time of unwinding, being encouraged, and learning to start fresh. Andrew & Chrissy have asked me to be one of the speakers along with the sweet and amazing Ashley West! It is seriously going to be so fun. I am nervous and excited all at the same time: nervous to speak, but excited to get tot know so many of you and spend the evening together building friendships! I will be talking about creating a healthy balance with work and personal life. This is something I have been challenged with and failed at most of this year, but I am working and setting up boundaries to prioritize my life better and have some balance between work and life. You will also hear form Ashley and Christine & Andrew. It is going to be a pack full night and you won’t want to miss it!!!!

The event is Thursday, January 7th 6:00-9:30 and is only $50 and will be in Pickerington, Ohio!!!! Tickets are on sale TODAY! You won’t want to miss. Buy your ticket here!
To read more about this renew night, head over to Chrissy & Andrew’s blog! Thank you SO much Chrissy & Andrew for this amazing opportunity, I am so excited to be a part of this with you guys!! Thank you for all of your hard work to put this on. I can’t wait!!! 

If you have any questions about this night, feel free to shoot me an email 🙂 I can’t wait to see you there!!!




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