Weekend Wrap Up A day late


Nov 3, 2015


Who says can’t post a weekend wrap up a day late 🙂 

Yesterday, I was in Columbus shooting, I had a sweet 4 day old newborn and an engagement session in the evening. It was a busy day after a relaxing weekend! This past weekend was our 1st weekend off since August with NO wedding. How crazy is that?! We enjoyed every moment. My hubby got to hunt, I was able to actually cook a little and we had his family up for trick or treating. It was fun dressing up. I through together a last minute scarecrow. It was fun to be a kid again, except I gave all my candy away to the kids. haha! It was a beautiful weekend and it was so nice to spend time together, relax, sleep in and spend time with family. We did have an engagement session Sunday evening, and I can’t wait to share their blog this week with you all! 

This week is WORKSHOP week! We are beyond excited for our 1st ever #karimeworkshop THIS Thursday!!! It is shaping up to be a beautiful day and I can hardly wait. I was thankful for the slower weekend to prepare for this week. We have 12 photographers who will be joining us and it will be a jammed packed day. Lots of hard work and preparation has been going into this day and I cant wait to see it all come together. Be sure to follow our instagram to keep up with us this week! 

Hope you all are having a fabulous week! Here are some sneak peeks of the engagement session and my trick or treat outfit along with my cute nephew Roman:) Happy Tuesday Friends!!



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