Happy Birthday Remi!!!

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Nov 20, 2015


Happy Birthday Remington!

One year ago today Remi was born!! Who would have thought in a million years I would be writing a blog about my PUPPY turning 1!!! Totally crazy and it is true, a puppy does steal your heart. I am sorry to all those people I made fun of for loving their dog to much, now I am one of those people! Oops! When Remi was born a year ago, I don’t think we were even thinking about a dog at the time, but now I couldn’t imagine not having her. When Trevor surprised me with Remi back in January she was just 8 weeks old and so so tiny!!! You must see how small she was. Here is my 1st Remi post and the surprise video. I can’t believe how small she was!!!! 

Remi is the bomb and so fun to have around. She is a great little dog. We miss her long long hair, but She is a lot cuter then I thought with the short haircut. Remi is full of energy, she loves to snuggle, people are her favorite, and she probably has a 4 foot vertical when she jumps (its amazing). Her boyfriend is Whit (my mother in laws dog) She seriously in love with him it’s so funny.

Thank you to my family and Trevor’s family for watching her on the weekends and during the week when we have shoots!! We love you guys and are truly thankful for you!!!! 

Heres to Remi!!! 

P.S. SHE loves it when we hold her! hahaha2015-11-20_0007


2015-11-20_0002 2015-11-20_0003 2015-11-20_0004 2015-11-20_0005 2015-11-20_0006


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