Behind the Scenes 2015

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Dec 28, 2015


You guys! What a year it has been! 

We are sharing with you all the fun behind the scenes photos. Looking through these made me crack up. They are so unflattering and there are times we look like completely hot messes. haha! But why not share and have a good laugh. We will work on better behind the scenes for next year, maybe 😉

Here are a few things I learned from putting this together… and seeing many embarrassing photos. haha
1. You will find me on that dance floor at almost every wedding
2. I don’t own but 4 or 5 dresses for a wedding apparently. HAHA I wore the same things over and over again… I think I will need to find some more dresses for next year.
3. Trevor looks different in every pictures, beard – no beard, curly hair – short hair. I love it. 
4. We both sweat bad and it shows on a wedding day. oops! 
5. Lastly, we Love working together still. Even after over 40 weddings (both photo & video combined) 

Enjoy a good laugh! Have a great Monday friends! 


not sure what I said, but no one wants to look at me.. haha


looking good babe


always on that dance floor..


love this! 

2015-12-28_0007 2015-12-28_0008

just  making sure they save me a piece at the bottom 😉 

2015-12-28_0009 2015-12-28_0010 2015-12-28_0011

wheres trevor?


where’s kari?



lean with it, rock with it



who knows… ha


Did you take my chocolate? HA I promise, I am nice on a wedding day! hahaha


Oh dear.. I love you babe

2015-12-28_0017 2015-12-28_0018 2015-12-28_0019

It was a little hot this wedding day I’d say. haha


always.. dancing..


Or photobombing.. hahaha


and sweating.. yikes babe 😉 


getting pumped for that 1st look!

2015-12-28_0024 2015-12-28_0025

Love watching him work!

2015-12-28_0026 2015-12-28_0027

I can see why they were distracted. haha

2015-12-28_0028 2015-12-28_0029 2015-12-28_0030

I have a terrible habit of biting my cheek, like terrible… I need to stop!

2015-12-28_0031 2015-12-28_0032 2015-12-28_0033 2015-12-28_0034

yaya trev!!


One of my favorites. HAHA! I took my strap off halfway through the year.. This was the balancing act and Kenny wasn’t sure about it. hahaha


Go Jonah Go!


He still wasn’t sure about me.. haha


You do what you have to do to get that shot even in the pouring rain! Go Jonah!

2015-12-28_0039 2015-12-28_0040

Know wonder our backs hurt… 

2015-12-28_0041 2015-12-28_0042 2015-12-28_0043

always gotta instagram that. 

2015-12-28_0043a 2015-12-28_0044

He loves when I snap his photo for no reason.. 


oops sorry babe, always in your way!

2015-12-28_0046 2015-12-28_0047

lets keep dancing, dancing, dancing. 


Here I come! Sorry babe!! Hahaha 

2015-12-28_0049 2015-12-28_0050

lolol He wasn’t really yelling at me. hahaha

2015-12-28_0051 2015-12-28_0052 2015-12-28_0053

My left foot didn’t get the memo.. 

2015-12-28_0054 2015-12-28_0055

dancing dancing dancing. 

2015-12-28_0056 2015-12-28_0057 2015-12-28_0058

HAHAHA! “Go get me another mountain dew” I am sure that’s what he is telling me. HAHA
 thank you morgan for capturing this. 


My sis even wears the same dresses I wear. haha

2015-12-28_0060 2015-12-28_0061

michael… Move haha 😉 Loved having my sis and her hubby 2nd shoot with us this year!

2015-12-28_0062 2015-12-28_0063 2015-12-28_0064 2015-12-28_0065 2015-12-28_0066

Sometimes we turn into selfie sticks. haha 


You will find me in the corner looking for that best light for those details. 

2015-12-28_0068 2015-12-28_0069 2015-12-28_0070

Love this! 

2015-12-28_0071 2015-12-28_0072 2015-12-28_0073 2015-12-28_0074 2015-12-28_0075 2015-12-28_0076

just one more! 

2015-12-28_0077 2015-12-28_0078 2015-12-28_0079

of course, whip that hair! our last 2015 wedding!! 


needed one more photo bomb!


and dance move. 


love all these sweet people! 

2015-12-28_0083 2015-12-28_0083a

another favorite <3 

2015-12-28_0084 2015-12-28_0084a

I LOVE smores and hanging my camera to wedding guests. 


This photo was from the last 2015 KariMe Wedding!!  <3 Love Him!


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