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Mar 4, 2016

Charleston + Rainbow Row + RTS Leaders Retreat

#RTSLEADERS Retreat in Charleston, South Carolina

I don’t even know where to begin from this past weekend trip to Charleston! So much fun and so many pictures. I can’t wait to share these with you all. This is one of the most colorful cities I have ever been too. I think I could have taken a picture of every house. No matter where you turn, there is color and something unique and beautiful.

Palm Trees, window flower boxes, colored houses and cobblestone roads. Charleston – It doesn’t get much better. 

Just last Friday we were on our way to Charleston. I had been waiting for this trip for sometime. Sadly, my hubby had come down with the nasty flu. So, I drove down to let him sleep. So thankful he still came down and enjoyed a few days before he really got sick. We came down a day early to spend with our cousins Mandy & Nelly and their 3 little kiddos. It was so fun exploring the streets of Charleston with them. They took us to the best donut shop in town, Glazed. If you are traveling their you MUST go! We also walked across the street for homemade biscuits, at Callies Hot little Biscuits (this is another MUST!) I loved spending the day with them and snapping a few photos. Thank you Mandy & Nelly for hosting us!!! We loved catching up with you guys. We cant wait to come back! 

Sunday morning we left my cousins and headed to the retreat. We were coming down for the Rising Tide Society’s leaders retreat. If you haven’t heard of the Rising tide, head over to their page and read more This a huge movement of people who believe in Community over competition. We are all about encouraging and picking up those around us that are also doing what we are doing. This industry can be longly working form home but being a part of a community that believes in you and wants to know you has changed the industry is so many ways. I am so so grateful for Natalie & Krista (and their hubby’s Davey & Huey) Who have the biggest hearts and changed our industry. Thank you for changing the way we look at one another and how you have brought us all closer. This weekend was dedicated to the leaders to get together. We spent time getting to know one another, talking about our groups back home, and how we can improve this industry. We dreamed big and even talked about what we truly want to see from this group of creatives. We heard from some amazing speakers who challenged our thinking and also who help make us better leaders. I loved finally getting to meet Amy & Jordan Demos. They are as amazing as everyone has said. It was also great hearing from some of our leaders in our industry as well. Each of them were so great and I know I learned so much. So thank you to all those who spoke. You each had an impact on my life. I am excited to start making those changes. This time was also a great time to connect with so many friends I had met over social media. I finally got to put a real face to their instagram feed 😉 It is amazing to see how social media can bring people together and build lasting friendships. I am so grateful for everyone I met and those who I had the chance to catch up with. This community is unreal and I love watching it Make Waves all across the world. 

Charleston is a pretty awesome city. I loved exploring and taking so many photos. We stayed in an Airbnb with 2 other couples we had met from the connect conference and the pursuit conference.(Nathan & Ashley and then Maison & Caleb) We literally had a blast staying up late talking in the hallways, eating to much food and laughing tons. I love these friends and sooo grateful for them. We cant wait until this years marriage conference in May to hang with them all again! 

A few MUST sees in Charleston. Now, we didn’t get a chance to do everything. But here are just a couple things we enjoyed. However we will be traveling back to do more 😉
–If you love donuts you will love Glazed. So good!
–If seafood is your jam check out Fleets Landing (they are known for shrimp and grits) 
–Want to see all those colored houses? Head to Rainbow rom on East bay. Seriously so beautiful. 
–Walking around the Market is always fun and a cool experience. 
–Just walk the streets of Charleston and you will simply fall in love. 
–If you want a super nice dinner head to Husk, make a reservation this place is popular. It is seriously SO good. The fried chicken skin is unreal (yes it is!)
–Carmella’s has the best gelato and cheese cake. YUMMY. 
–And of course, if you want the best hot dog head over to Perfectly Franks in summerville, AMAZING! (Thanks Mandy & Nelly!)

Those were just a few of our favorite things while we were there. I could go on and on. Enjoy some of my favorite photos of Charleston. Next week I will be sharing some of the portraits I took of our sweet friends <3 Happy Friday!



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