What to Wear to a Wedding


Mar 16, 2016


Preparing for Wedding Season

Not to long ago, I received an email asking what I wore to weddings and how it would be a great blog post! So as wedding season is FAST approaching, I thought this would be a good start to preparing you all as well. This year is already looking to be an amazing year and I am super excited to be shooting with my hubby by my side.

Preparing for wedding season may not look like much, but one thing that is important is preparing for what you are going to wear. Now, after doing my behind the scenes post at the end of the year, you may have notice I wear a lot of the SAME thing over and over again. haha! I am not a girl who dresses up all the time, so my dress selection is limited! But one thing I have started doing is looking for certain dresses that would work for a wedding day and setting them aside. I try to find atlas 5-6 good dresses I can alternate through and then add some others in the mix later on. Now your style and my style may be a little different. But here is how I decide what is best to wear on a wedding day!

1. Comfy. First things First. It MUST be comfy, top to bottom, it needs to be comfy. If I put a dress on and I am already uncomfortable eating breakfast and doing my hair, I know that is NOT  a wedding day dress.
2. Flowy. Most my dresses are flowy in some way. I do not like tight things so I stay away from those.
3. Giving. I need to be able to bend, sit, run, jump, etc. in this dress. So it needs to give a little.  
4. If it has pockets it’s the BOMB and a must purchase! I love dresses with pockets. 


When I am shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding I’m looking for something classic, comfortable and something that wears nicely. You don’t think you HAVE to wear black every wedding. Personally, I want to blend in with the guest and not stick out. However, I don’t wear white 🙂 Most dresses end up in the darker category. They seem classic and I can’t go wrong with them at the wedding. There are times I will wear dressy leggings with a long dressy shirt. But if you do this make sure it isn’t to casual. Depending on the style and feel of the wedding you can get away with this. Don’t feel like you have to buy these outrages dresses. My dresses are simple. The best way to dress them up is with a statement necklace or fun earrings. I love accessories and adding something sparkly. I will also wear a blazer or a sweater over the dress as well if it needs something else or depending on the time of year. Places I shop for dresses or wedding attire is at Target, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx and JCrew outlet. I love these places and have found most all my dresses at them. The key is to be comfy and to be yourself in it. I wear everything from long dresses, short dresses, to skirts. One thing I do under my dresses especially my short dresses is wear shorts. With all the moving going on, this is something safe to do and for you to feel more comfortable moving around. As far as shoes, everyone is different on this. I wear everything from boots to gladiators on a wedding day. I always love a good pair of toms or my favorite “dressy” shoes is from target and is the Sam & Libby brand. These are SUPER comfy and I love them. I haven’t ever owned Tieks so I can’t say if they are worth it or not. I just try to wear shoes that are comfy for me. You won’t ever see me in heals. 

Overall the key is COMFY but pretty. Don’t be afraid of the fun necklace or earrings. I hope that this was helpful in some way! Now head out to the store and look for dresses that fit you best. 



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