Theo | Newborn


Apr 1, 2016


6 Days Fresh

Theo was one of the sweetest and squishing little babies to photograph. We did these photos just under Theo being 1 week old. He was amazing. He slept the whole time. We were able to do so many set ups and a lot of fun family photos. Patti is also a newborn photographer so she made sure to bring a super sleepy baby. Thanks Patti!! 🙂 I loved spending the day snuggling this little guy. His hair is amazing along with his cute little nose and toes. I could go on and go! He was just so so fun to photograph. His big sister loved him lots as well. You never know what is going to happen when its time for the sibling shot, but wow she did amazing and just snuggled right up again him. I have so many favorites from this session. Because he was SOO sleepy we did such a variety of sets. I could have photographed him all day. 

I hope you enjoy my many favorites from his shoot! Thank you Patti for having me be a part of such a sweet time in your family’s life 🙂


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