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Apr 12, 2016


Easter weekend, my best friend Breanna and her cute little family were in town to visit all of their family! Bre and I  grew up together going to the same church and school all the way through my 2nd year of College. We were the best of friends and we still are to this day, even though she lives hours away. My 1st ever sleep over was at Bre’s house! I may have cried at first, I didn’t do well being away from my family aka “my mom” I was a home body for sure, and still am today! Bre and I have countless memories over the years and I am FOREVER grateful for her friendship. My freshmen year of College when I attended Cedarville University we were roomies. This was one of the best years ever! I love having a friend like Bre. She is the calm to my crazy. That is what we have said for years. Everyone needs a Breanna in their life. 

After College, Bre married Nathan and they moved to Missouri. Yes so far away 🙁 a few years later Miss Annabelle came along. I was able to fly out after she was born to take newborn photos. Oh how the last year has flown by! I can hardly believe she is already 1. I was so excited when Bre called and said they would be in town over Easter and wanted to take family photos and extended family photos. We spent the day before Easter in german village. It was a perfect spring day! I love this sweet family and so so thankful to have them in my life. 

Here are just a few of my favorites. Bre, I am so thankful for your friendship and I love you dearly! I hope some day you we live close to each other <3 


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