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May 17, 2016

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Legacy Candle Co.

It is crazy how small the world really is and how you can connect with people in totally different states at a conference and then realize you live in the same state! 

That was Amber & I! I had the privilege of meeting her back in April at the Pursuit Conference in Georgia. She was a vendor in the market. I had just arrived and was shopping around. I came across her table because she had some AMAZING candles. I am pretty sure I stood there for 15 minutes talking to her about the candles and smelling them all. She told me about the Legacy Candle Co and the non profit. I LOVED the heart behind their business. After about 15 minutes of talking, my friend Natalie walked up and started smelling them and asked where she was based out of and little did I know she was going to say Columbus, Ohio! And then I freaked and told her that is where I was from and we had to connect and become friends! Fast forward to a  week after we came home, Amber came out to Tuesday’s Together and we connected. She shared her story with the group. We connected on a date for Amber to come up to take some new headshots for her and photograph the gorgeous candles. It was so fun having her here along with two other friends in the industry, Chrissy & Deborah. Thank you Ladies for making the trip up!

Amber started the Legacy Candle Co. This past year, and it launched in December. She has been growing wildly fast! The Legacy candle Co is one of the fastest growing non profits in the Columbus area, how cool is that?!

Legacy Candle Co. – This is there heart and their statements. “We are a social enterprise and every purchase you make here will help victims of human trafficking. We support women by providing redeeming jobs like candle pouring, hand-carved home goods and hand-made jewelry. Making a purchase will help those who have been victims of human trafficking. We support former victims of human trafficking to create products that are globally sourced and locally crafted. The women we employ in Africa make beautiful beads and other hand crafted items. All of our candles are hand-poured with 100% soy wax which means your candle will burn longer and cleaner.” 

I am beyond excited for this girl and her business. Amber has one of the most unique and crazy testimonies. The Lord has protected her over the years and now the Lord is using her in huge ways and I am so excited to continue to watch the Lord grow her and this business. If you are interested in buying some candles go to her website http://www.legacycandleco.com They sell 3 sizes, 8oz, 4oz, and 2oz. And i have them burring all over my house and they are AMAZING. In addition to the candles they sell wax for hot pots. I love her candles. they burn super well and last a while! These are great gifts for clients as well! Be sure to follow their Instagram

P.S. Their branding is on point!!! Thank you Amber for coming up for the day! Loved getting to know you and hear more about this business!!! So excited for you!!! Now friends go check out her awesome candles! 


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