Weekend Wrap Up


May 23, 2016

Spring Navy Wedding at Pine Lodge KariMe Photography_0196

This weekend we left completely open after the workshop! We new we would be tired and want to rest. That is exactly what we did! Friday I cleaned up from the workshop and then spent the evening home snuggled on the couch. Trev started planting with his family, so he was in the tractor all day Friday. Saturday we slept in and enjoyed vegging and strolling through town! We had his sister Hannah and Hubby up for pizza and lots of fixer upper. We were all hooked. Sunday, I ventured down to Columbus to spend the afternoon and evening with my family. We surprised my parents and mulched and edged their yard while they were gone for the day. It was a fun little surprise. Remi made the trip with me and we have been hanging out in this beautiful weather. 

We are so thankful for this slow paced weekend to soak up one another and the nice weather. We hit the ground running this morning with back to work, but thankful for a beautiful week ahead. We have a double header wedding weekend approaching a few portrait sessions this week. Yay for 80’s and sun!!!!

I need to pull out my shorts and tank tops and get a tan 🙂

Here’s to a Great Monday!!! 


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