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Jun 6, 2016

Via vecchia + Weekend wrap up | KariMe_0001

We had another great weekend in Columbus photographing a sweet couple! Congrats to Amber & Zach!! With 80% chance of rain all day and it didn’t rain anything on us until late at night. It was a miracle!!! I loved their gorgeous downtown Columbus wedding at Via Vecchia Winery. I cant wait to share their blog on Wednesday. I am sharing a few sneak peeks below. 

Friday night we were home and we went on an hour long bike ride / boosted board ride. I told Trev, buying the boosted board for him might have been the best thing we could have done! Now when I go out riding he can ride along with his board 🙂 It’s the perfect date night. I love our small town and so thankful we can just ride around it  here. 

ALSO! If you followed our blog last year, we did a garden blog day. I havent forgotten about our garden. We are prepping it all this week. We are a little late this year, but still hoping for some yummy veggies by the end of summer! Be on the look out 😉 

Here’s to another Monday! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 


Via vecchia + Weekend wrap up | KariMe_0002 Via vecchia + Weekend wrap up | KariMe_0003 Via vecchia + Weekend wrap up | KariMe_0004

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