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Jun 30, 2016

1900 home fixer upper_0001

Can hardly believe that last Friday we closed on our 1st home!!!

We bought this 100 year old home right in the heart of Upper Sandusky. We had been looking and praying for what God had next for us. We both wanted a home and wanted a fixer upper. We were always looking and this one fell in our lap. We fell in love quickly and started the process the end of May. We finally closed last week and we could not wait to get started. A fixer upper is what we got! We are excited to put some major work into this home and bring it back to life. I am already loving the character of it. This 1st post is the original house with no demo done. This was as we bought it. We will be changing just about everything haha The whole exterior of the home will be changed, siding roof, front porch and windows. Along with the interior with the floors, kitchen and bathrooms. It is going to be a whole new home. We have already started the demo process and guys its crazy!!!! I cant wait to share next week what we have ALREADY done!!! EEEK!! Trev has been working on the last couple days and it is already starting to come to life and we are bringing back the old character. We have only run into a couple water problems so far. Things we new were going to need fixed. We are excited for this journey. Be sure to follow us here, instagram and on snapchat (karimephoto) for some behind the scenes. Thanks for following along. If you have ever done a fixer upper, feel free to leave and tips or tricks! We could use all the help we could get 🙂 


This was our 1st photo with the home the day we accepted an offer and signed the papers to start the process <3 

1900 home fixer upper_0002

The day we CLOSED on the house and it became OURS!
1900 home fixer upper_0003 1900 home fixer upper_0004 1900 home fixer upper_0005
Front enterrante to dining room1900 home fixer upper_0006

that hall leads to the kitchen1900 home fixer upper_0007 1900 home fixer upper_0008

living room
1900 home fixer upper_0009 1900 home fixer upper_0010 1900 home fixer upper_0011 1900 home fixer upper_0012
office/den1900 home fixer upper_0013 1900 home fixer upper_0014 1900 home fixer upper_0015 1900 home fixer upper_0016 1900 home fixer upper_0017 1900 home fixer upper_0018
upstairs to 3 bedrooms & a bathroom (we will be adding a 2nd)1900 home fixer upper_0019 1900 home fixer upper_0020 1900 home fixer upper_0021 1900 home fixer upper_0022 1900 home fixer upper_0023 1900 home fixer upper_0024 1900 home fixer upper_0025 1900 home fixer upper_0026

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