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Aug 1, 2016

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First off HOW IS IT AUGUST?!!?! Summer is flying by!!!! ahh!!!

Today, I have been SLOOOWW moving!! Nothing like jumping right back in the grind of things after a weeks worth of vacation of doing nothing, but laying at the pool, eating lots of food and spending time with family. 

Saturday, was our last full day of vacation in Hilton head, our cousins were there with there 3 kids and we had a blast playing in the pool and cooking out with them. It is always fun seeing extended family and catching up. We also went out to the movies on a double date with Shannon and Jeff, while my parents stayed back and watched the kiddos. We went and saw Star Trek in 3D. It was a great movie, Jeff loved it. I am not much of a star trek fan but I did really enjoy it!!! The night before Trev and I went out on a date and went and saw the new Jason Bourne movie, that was amazing. I love that series so I was super excited about it. Both great movies and highly recommended!! 🙂 

Sunday, we got up early and started our journey home! 12 hours in the car is not fun, but we made the most of it! We had the PGA championship on and listen to that in between the mountains when we lost service. We finally made it home last night at 7:30pm and enjoyed some Bob evans while snuggling Remi. She was SOOOO excited. She jumped all over us and didn’t leave our side. She is at my feet in my office as I type now. She definitely missed us and we missed her. 

Today, I am in catch up mode, clean up mode, and just wanna lay at the pool mode. Seriously, I am all over the place, but I have tackled a lot already today and I’m feeling good! Off to finish a few more tasks before ending the night with some girls over to watch the finale of the Bachelorette! whoohoo!

Can;t wait to share our full vacation blog this week and house updates!! Sorry for the lack of blogging last week, I finally took a week off, and really tried to do nothing work related. I needed it, but now I am ready to rock some workout! 

Still cant believe it is august, we have some exciting things this month! A destination wedding in Florida next week and a 3 more wonderful weddings. Lots going on the next few weeks/months, if you are interested in Mentoring or photo shoots please email me, my fall calendar is already filling up! OH and we will be launching our FALL WORKSHOP info in a few weeks!!!! Be on the lookout!!

Here’s to making the most this Monday!!! 


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