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Sep 23, 2016


Tuscany & Venice, Italy

It has been such a fun week editing all of our photos from Iceland and Italy. This trip was literally a dream and it’s so crazy to think just a week ago we were headed home from this adventure. Meet our travel buddies Ashely & Tyler!! They own The Herrintons photo & video company! 

Before we left for our trip, we had of course planned to take some photos in Italy. How could you not, everything is seriously SO beautiful there. Ashley LOVED Tuscany and it was a dream of her to have some photos there and I was SOOO excited to have photos in Venice, so we made it happen in both places. We swapped photos back and forth and it was a blast. I am so excited to share Tyler & Ashley’s photos we took while we were there. I will be sharing ours next week.  

I thought about blogging Tuscany & Venice separate because the locations were SO different, but I also thought it was be awesome together because you could see how different places where so close to one another in Italy. 

Ashley has the greatest style so their outfits were on point of both places. We shot in Tuscany first and the night we got was UNREAL. It was overcast for most of the evening, but the sun came out right in time for photos and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful night. We took all these photos just on the property of our Airbnb we stayed in. Yes, it was incredible and our views were amazing. I loved Ashley’s skirt, it was perfect for Tuscany. It was a blast shooting, we had not a person in site. SO many favorites in just a short amount a time. 

Then the first night we were in Venice, we decided to just go for it with photos, we new it would be crazy, because imagine taking photos in time square at night. CRAZY. So we were dodging people the whole time to try. But it was so fun still. Ashley had the idea to shoot in the crowds of people and I loved it, it shows the true life of Venice. Those were some of my favorites. 

Both these places were beautiful and I would die to go back again. Getting to shoot here was a dream. I love getting Ash & Ty in front of my camera. These two are adorable and make taking photos so easy! Also a bonus getting to photograph other photographers 😉 Ash & Ty I love you guys!! Enjoy my many favorites. Happy Friends!!! P.S. Everyone should visit Tuscany & Venice someday <3 


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