European Trip to Italy 2016

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Sep 27, 2016


From Rome, to Tuscany, & up to Venice!

In just 6 days we saw 3 incredibly beautiful places in Italy. What a trip! I had so much fun going back through these photos and remembering all these beautiful little spots. Everywhere you turn in Italy is beautiful and something unique. 

So after 48 hours in Iceland, if you missed that recap check it out here. We got on a plane at midnight and flew all the way over to Italy. We arrived in Rome, on Friday afternoon. We rented a car which was fun to be able to get around easier. Our first stop was Rome, and we stayed here for 1 night. We made the most of it here. Ashley booked the cutest little airbnb a few blocks from Trevi fountain and the Spanish moss steps. It was fun getting to see those both. I couldn’t believe how many people were in Rome, while we were there. I kept telling Trev, it was like being in New York City. It was great though. We got up early the next morning to head to the Colosseum which was incredible. You learn about these things in history books, but getting to see it in person is a whole new thing. Trev flew is drone, and almost went to jail. Real story!! It was crazy, we didn’t know how illegal it was to fly drones in Italy. Thankfully the police just reassured us how luck he was and to never fly it again. We also saw the Roman Empire ruins as we walked back. We did a guided tour at Vatican City and we walked through the Sistine Chapel. Once we got out of there and to the square it started POURING rain and we had no option but to run back to our car that was 15 minute walk away. It was an experience for sure, we were all dying. We were soaked head to toe. We changed in the parking garage before getting in the car and heading to our next destination in Tuscany. 

We arrived in Tuscany on Saturday evening and stayed there until Monday Afternoon before heading up to Venice. Tuscany was so beautiful. The rolling hills, quiet living, gorgeous wineries. It was breath taking. Ashley booked another incredible little place. We had our own pool and amazing views. We couldn’t believe it when we arrived how gorgeous it was. Just driving through Tuscany was beautiful. You could see walled in cities from a  distance and just the most amazing farm houses. I was dying inside. We spent Sunday morning at Siena, Tuscany. This was a walled in city, such a neat experience. We had gelato for breakfast and it was amazing. We also did photos this night back at our place and if you  missed Ashley & Tyler, check it out here. Talk about a gorgeous night and a dream getting to shoot in Tuscany!!! 

Monday morning we headed for Florence but we realized with having to bus or taxi in we were not going to have enough time so we went along and headed to Venice. The day we were arriving in Venice, there was a strike on Transportation, so thankfully our airbnb host was informing us of this and helped us prepare before we got there. She was a real life saver. We were able to park in the garage and have a water taxi waiting for us when we arrived. I didn’t realize before our trip, absolutely NO cars in Venice. Now I realize how that wouldn’t be possible. The streets are canals and everyone just walks. This is possibly the EASIEST city to get lost it. It is like a maze. However, Venice was gorgeous. This was what I had dream of my whole life when I thought of Italy and Venice. The beautiful canals, and colored homes and gondola rides. It was breathtaking. The whole time we were there, I kept telling Trev, I wonder what my parents would think if they were here, oh my mom would love! Now I have to take them there. It was gorgeous. This trip was amazing and we couldn’t believe all that we saw. We flew home on Wednesday morning and had long trip back but we made it safely, so thank you for all your prayers! 

Now, we just need to go back and enjoy it all again and see new things. Italy you were absolutely beautiful!!!! P.S. The food was amazing. I forgot to mention that. In all 3 places, the food and gelato was on point and didn’t disappoint. I have to share one more story, one of our nights in Tuscany, we were out to eat and on the menu they had a steak, they were known for their florentine tbone steak. The lady told us we could only order it, if it was for 2 people. Trev of course had to try it, so we shared. The brought out the cut of meat for us to expect. It was 45 OUNCES!! I am not kidding, literally 45 OUNCES! HAHA we were dying. But guess what, it was the best steak Trev has ever had and we ate every bite. Did I mention the food was amazing 😉 Now you gotta go to Italy!!!

 Enjoy many of my favorite travel photos. 


rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0002 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0003 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0004 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0005 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0006 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0007 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0008 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0009 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0010 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0011 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0012 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0013 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0014 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0015 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0016 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0017 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0018 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0019 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0020 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0021 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0022 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0023 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0024 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0025 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0026 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0027 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0028 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0029 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0030 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0031 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0032 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0033 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0034 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0035 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0036 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0037 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0038 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0039 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0040 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0041 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0042 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0043 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0044 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0045 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0046 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0047 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0048 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0049 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0050 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0051 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0052 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0053 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0054 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0055 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0056 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0057 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0058 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0059 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0060 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0061 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0062 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0063 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0064 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0065 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0066 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0067 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0068 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0069 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0070 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0071 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0072 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0073 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0074 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0075 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0076 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0077 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0078 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0079 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0080 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0081 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0082 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0083 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0084 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0085 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0086 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0087 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0088 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0089 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0090 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0091 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0092 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0093 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0094 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0095 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0096 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0097 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0098 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0099 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0100 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0101 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0102 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0103 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0104 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0105 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0106 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0107 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0108 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0109 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0110 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0111 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0112 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0113 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0114 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0115 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0116 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0117 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0118 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0119 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0120 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0121 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0122 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0123 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0124 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0125 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0126 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0127 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0128 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0129 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0130 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0131 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0132 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0133 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0134 rome-tuscany-venice-european-trip_0135

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