The 1900 Bowman home


Oct 6, 2016


House update #the1900bowmanhome

SOOOO. It’s been a little while since our last update. We were tearing down walls and demoing most everything inside. We had had a crazy last 2 months, so we havent done a whole lot to the house. However, right before we left for our big trip, Trev decided to tear the driveway out. This was something we thought we would do later down the road, but we had a guy come look at our basement wall that is bowed in BADLY and we decided it’d be best in the long run to tear the driveway out and fix the wall the best we can since the cement was putting so much pressure on that well. HUGE thanks to Trev’s dad for coming out and helping that week. It was a huge help! He brought up the Backhoe and went to work. By doing it ourselves we saved money but it was pretty labor intensive to say the least. But they managed to get it all down in just a few days. And just like we thought the cement was adding so much pressure to that basement wall it created a little whole, which is okay, we have someone coming out to fix the wall. So glad we ended up doing this after all. I was nervous at first, but it was a good idea. So yes, we have torn the driveway out and will eventually fill it back in. We are going to fix that wall and then pour cement again. I wasn’t much help during this process. I think I grabbed once piece of cement and through it in but man it was heavy, so again a huge thanks to Trev and his dad, Kyle!!! 

We have started back to work on the house this week, so I will be having more updates. We are working on straighten the floors and lifting the house, sounds scary I know, it is. haha But Trev is doing amazing! This is a long process. So hopefully in the next few weeks & months we will really start to see things come together. 

Thankfully for now our 100 year old home is still standing 🙂


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