Makala + Adam | Engaged


Oct 11, 2016


This two started stretch of 6 engagement shoots in 11 days and it was nothing short of amazing. We had a total blast last Sunday night! I traveled out to their family farm and it was a beautiful night. Makala grew up riding horses her whole life. I asked her at the end of our time together when she started riding and her mom said that she road with her dad holding her when she was just 10 days old! So truly her whole life she has been riding horses. Adam starting riding horses when he was around 10. So it only made sense to be on their horse farm for their engagement photos. They met a few years ago through riding horses. I loved learning about their relationship along with the ins and outs of riding horses during our time together. I told them I have never road a horse haha! It was fun taking photos with the horses. You should have heard me trying to get the horses attention. haha Horses don’t respond like children with all my crazy sounds haha! 

These two were so sweet and we had so much fun together. We even snuck in Adam’s little girl for some family photos. She was precious. We had an absolutely beautiful night. I enjoyed roaming around Makala’s family farm. It was so beautiful. I am so excited to be a part of their wedding day next summer!! 

Thank you Makala and Adam for having me out!! I cant wait for your wedding. Enjoy my favorites from our time together. 


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