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Nov 16, 2016


The Bottom Line

Today, is an exciting day in our family and it has been long awaited!! My brother in law, Jeff, is a youth pastor in the Columbus, Ohio area. He has been working on a book since his college days and today is the day his book LAUNCHES! We are so incredible excited for him and the accomplishment this is. He has put timeless amount of hours into it and we cannot wait to get one in our hands.

Back in college, he was studying the book of Psalms for a class and took notes through almost the whole book. He knew someday it could become a book. Years later, he found that very same notebook and he stared writing a daily devotional using his notes from Psalms. His book is called The Bottom Line and it is a year long daily devotional of the book of Psalms directed at teens and young adults. If you are looking for a daily encouragement and challenge this devotional is for you. Jeff has a way of taking the scripture and making it applicable to where you are in your life today. 

To Read more about this book along with the author Jeff, head over to his website. You can pre-order the book here!!!  Below is a video to share more of his heart and vision behind the book. We hope this is something you might be interested in! 

Jeff, we are so excited and proud of you for all of your hard work!!! So thankful to have been a part of this journey with you. We cannot wait to dive into the book ourselves. Thank you for letting the Lord use you to encourage so many others. 




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