Happy Thanksgiving 2016


Nov 24, 2016



Oh Friends, this is the start of my Favorite time of year. When Trevor & I got married, I told him Thanksgiving all the way to christmas was my holiday. I love christmas just as much, but thanksgiving has always been a huge deal in our family. We have a HUGE family on my moms side, there is 71 people with my grandma and grandpa but now they both are with Jesus but we still have 69 here. For the last 15+ years we have been getting over thanksgiving its about a 4 day long event and we eat, laugh, shop, talk so much and eat again the whole time. It is the best week ever. We all look forward to this week! This year, we have lots of family that couldnt make it but today we are celebrating with 48 of us. It is the best day ever. I am so thankful for the amazing family we have and for my Grandpa & Grandma who stared this. We miss them so much but so thankful for their Legacy they have left on this family. 

I am forever grateful for my family and especially the two people in the photo above. My hubby is my rock and I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else. I am so beyond thankful for YOU. Each of you who read my blog or following along with us, you mean so much. Thank you for your support, encouragement and love. I am so thankful for you!!

Over the next month, we will be celebrating! I love this time of year to reflect on what the Lord has done. Thank you Jesus for loving us and saving us from the sins of this world. 

Off to eat,talk, laugh and eat some more! 



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