The Direction Winter T-shirts


Dec 8, 2016


The Direction T-shirts

For the last 6-8 months, I have had the privilege to get to know Andrea along with Erin with The Direction and photograph their t-shirts and sweatshirts. They have amazing sweatshirts and t-shirts, On average, I probably have one on every day. As I sit here writing this blog, I am wearing their sweatshirt, and let me tell you, they are AMAZING! They are the comfiest. Well, last week we had our winter shoot for them, it was a blast shooting in old worthington, such a cute little town. Venicular, a cute boutique in old Worthington, styled the shoot for us with hats and jackets. I loved getting to know these girls as well. It was a fun afternoon. If you are thinking of a last minute gift, be sure to check them out!! The Direction. They also have a store at the outlets in Delaware and have their shirts and such in Simply vague stores. 🙂 They have a shirts for all states, so be sure to check them out!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their shoot 🙂 

the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0069 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0070 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0071 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0072 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0073 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0074 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0075 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0076 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0077 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0078 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0079 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0080 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0081 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0082 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0083 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0084 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0085 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0086 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0087 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0088 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0089 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0090 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0091 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0092 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0093 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0094 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0095 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0096 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0097 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0098 the-direction-tshirts-winter-shoot_0099

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