Eleventh Candle Co.


Dec 13, 2016


Eleventh Candle Co

I have shared pieces of this before, but last spring I met Amber (starter of Legacy & Eleventh Candle Co) at Pursuit Conference in Georgia. She had a table of her candles and I was dying over each of them. If you know me, I have a big LOVE for candles. I always have one burning, sometimes I even forget to blow them out, just ask Trevor 😉 They were the cutest candles and smelled delicious. I told her if I had to share a candle that represented what my website and brand looked like, this was it. I soon found out she was based in Columbus, Ohio and we were destined to be friends. When we got home from the conference, we reconnect at a Tuesday’s Together meet up and then I had Amber come up to our little town for photos. I was so excited for what she was starting and the heart behind this incredible organization. The video below tells it best, so you need to take a minute to watch it. 

Eleventh Candle Co is connected with a nonprofit Legacy in Ethiopia, their mission is to let little girls dream again. Eleventh candle is a social enterprise working to redeem, restore, empower and equip those affected by human trafficking. They have employed 4 women locally in Columbus, who hand pour these candles. Along with over in Ethiopia they are taking kids out of orphanages and putting them in foster homes & educating them. How incredible is that?! I have been able to go and volunteer at locally at the candle shop a few times and have gotten to know a couple of these women and it has been such a blessing to be a part of and hear their stories. I hope someday to travel to Ethiopia. God is doing incredibly big through through this and I am excited to be a part of it. They just celebrated their 1 year birthday at the beginning of December, you might have seen some photos or snaps from that. This company has grown SO much in a year and it is only getting bigger. They recently just switched their candle name from Legacy Candle Co to Eleventh Candle co, why such a bold shift? They want to remind woman everywhere that it is never too late for hope, too late for a miracle or too late to redeem, restore, empower and equip those who feel lost because of human trafficking – even in the eleventh hour help can be found. I love this new name and meaning, I feel like it shares their story in a bigger way. 

I recently have become an Ambassador for Eleventh Candle Co, I have loved telling others about these candles, burning them in my own home and selling them to others. It is truly amazing to think when you purchase a candle, you are helping those who have come out of human tracking along with giving kids and women in Ethiopia hope and a new life.

If you are looking to be a part : Help us kick off this new chapter! Join our tribe and become one of the 1,111 donors committed to a repeating monthly donation of $11. Our goal is to have 1,111 donors by 1/1. Your monthly donation will help women affected by human trafficking in Columbus and abroad. Let’s change the world together. Head over to their website to read more about their mission

If you are looking to purchase a candle (they are 100% soy wax candles & cotton wicks) head over to their online shop. You can purchase there, just type in KariMe as your ambassador. Be apart of an incredible mission that will change the world. I am so grateful that last March, to have met Amber. The Lord is using her is such incredible ways. I know being a part of this organization has changed me already to love others well. 

Thank you Amber, for loving others, dreaming big, for speaking love and truth, For letting the Lord take you to an incredible place and use you in such a way in these women’s life. You will forever leave a legacy to all these women you are impacting. I am so thankful to have found this and to join you change the world.

Be sure to watch the video below filmed by the amazing Rooted Content


Legacy | Our Mission from Rooted Content on Vimeo.

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