Weekend Wrap Up


Dec 19, 2016


Home sweet home

We have been on a Staycation since Thursday and it has been SUPER nice!!!! Minimal work and a lot of watching christmas movies and working on the house. I am so thankful for this time of year. I made it a priority to take time off for the holidays. I wanted to enjoy it because it always seems to go so so fast. We spent the weekend home snuggled on the couch, making gingerbread houses, wrapping gifts and eating yummy treats. We did spend an afternoon at the house taking our plaster, we have officially finished taking out the plaster on the first floor now we can start rewiring that part. We have the upstairs to finishing tearing out, but it is coming along. I will update the blog soon on the house. It is a working progress and we still have SOOO much to do. It has become quite the project, but once it is all done it will be done correct and be exactly how we wanted it! I cant wait for that day 😉 Everyone asks when are moving in. We have no idea, it would be great to be in by summer. That’s my prayer anyway 🙂 

Heres to a week of celebrating christmas and I cant wait!! Happy Monday friends!


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